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About Us

The Rheinland Lions is the Australian Football Club in Cologne including a men and women's team that play in the Australian Football League Germany. The home and away season is between April and September which ends with Semi Finals and a Grand Final. The League is made up of teams from Berlin, Dresden (men only), Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kiel, Munich & Stuttgart. 
The club is a great mix of Australian Expats, some who have grown up playing the sport, other expats who have found themselves living in Cologne and of course german locals who find the sport through various means. This means we have players of all abilities! 
We are more than just a sports club, we are a big family. We also organise many socials and due to the numerous away games we have, spend a lot of time travelling away on weekends, which is always great fun.
Check out the video below to get a good impression of our sport and club, and come join us!

Our History

Wait and see...


The men's team once again qualified for the semi finals and once again were pitted against the Berlin Crocodiles. They unfortuntely lost to the crocs who went on to win the league. After losing a large number of key players from the 2022 Grand Final team, the Women had a big job of recruiting to fill the gaps left behind. Although they managed to recruit well, the inexperience of the team meant they lost their semi-final against the Berlin Crocodiles. Both teams will be hoping to go one better next year and land in the Grand Final.


The year got off to an exciting start for our women's team. By winning last year, they had qualified for the 2022 Champions League. An event that many of our men didn't want to miss out on. In the end, they achieved a proud 6th place and gained a great deal of experience and extra motivation for the 2022 season in Germany. Our ladies were also able to maintain their success rate in the league, with only one "defeat" due to non-participation, they again made it to the Grand Final and once again our ladies travelled home with the trophy. 

Our men also played a successful season and, as in the previous year, competed against the Berlin Crocodiles in the semi-finals. Even though they were beaten by the Crocs in the end, they played a great game and finished the league super happy in third place. 



This year saw the return of almost normal league play for the first time. The Lions' men successfully made it to the semi-finals, but were unfortunately beaten by the Berlin Crocodiles.

The Rheinland Lions women also competed as their own team in the league for the first time in 2021, and with great success. They qualified for the Grand Final in Berlin and took home the title against Hamburg - a great feat for a team in their inaugural year and a great success for the club.

2020 was a special year due to the pandemic and the associated cancellation of league operations. Training could only take place over the summer and was cancelled again from November. Nevertheless, some new players were recruited and some successful friendly matches (e.g. against Frankurt) took place. The Cologne League was however formed and three Rounds were held between the Deutz Dingos, Sülz Sharks & Ehrenfeld Platypusses! 

The men's team is still struggling with the large players losses from 2014. Although a few new players have been recruited, the team has not yet returned to its former best. Important match experience has been gained again this season and the Lions Men are ready for another assault on the top of the table next year.

The women's team has grown steadily this year. As it was not yet possible to put together a team for the first German women's league, our Lionesses teamed up with the Frankfurt Redcats and as the Rhein-Main Redcats. In the end, the team won 2 out of 4 games. Although they did not reach the Grand Final, they can still be very proud of their performance. Next year, however, the alliance will dissolve again, when the Frankfurt Redcats and Rheinland Lions Women will each compete with their own team.

Since this year, women have also been training regularly with the men under the tower. While the men continue to compete for the title in the regular league, our women meet up with women from all over Germany for friendly matches. This allows them to gain their first match experience, which will hopefully be put to good use in their first league match next year.

In addition to the normal league operations in Germany, the International Cup (IC) also took place in Melbourne this year, for which some Lions had to prepare. In Germany, we finished 6th in the table and were able to gain further experience. We are also very proud of our 7 representatives from Cologne, who were part of the German national team in Australia and finished second in Division 2.

After many experienced players ended their careers after the 2014 title, the gaps in 2015 were definitely recognisable. Although these gaps have not yet been filled, other players have taken on the new leadership roles and the new additions also gained experience and grew in strength. In the battle for the German championship, the team was ultimately defeated in the final qualifying round, but not only were there major changes in the team during the season, but the individual players were also able to show their potential. The Rheinland Lions are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the fight for the title next season!

Although the Lions played an outstanding Champions League in Amsterdam and only lost the final, the season for the German championship was very mixed.

The season was unusually one-sided. The Munich Kangaroos were the measure of all things and led the league. It was only decided in the last league game that the Rheinland Lions qualified for the legendary Grand Final against these Kangaroos. In a thrilling final, the Rheinland Lions were able to prevail against the league favourites and take the league crown. The Lions once again demonstrated absolute team spirit, an unrelenting will to win and went far beyond their physical limits! 

On the last match day, Munich was defeated in a great game to secure their place in the final in Hamburg. Their opponents were the sovereign league leaders Hamburg, who narrowly prevailed against the Lions in their home final in typical Hamburg foul weather and became champions for the first time in their club's history. Despite a valiant fight, it was unfortunately not enough for the Lions to win the championship again this year, but they will be back on the attack in 2014.

This year, three teams also battled it out for a place in the final in Cologne. The old rivals Cologne and Munich were challenged by Hamburg this time. The Lions finished the league as league leaders and thus qualified for the home final against Munich, who beat Hamburg by a wafer-thin margin thanks to the better goal difference. The home final was lost 54:40 and Munich took the championship to the Alps. A bitter disappointment for the team led by coach Garland.

The three-way battle for a place in the 2011 final, which had emerged in 2010, becomes more defined The Rheinland Lions once again finish first in the regular season, but only thanks to the best goal average of the "Big Three", who finish the season level on points. The Berlin Crocodiles reach the final, narrowly beating Munich. In a thrilling final, the Rheinland Lions prevail and celebrate the 4th championship in the club's history.

The Rheinland Lions again finish first in the regular season and qualify for the Grand Final against old rivals Munich, but do not dominate the league as they did the previous year. Another strong team develops in Berlin and there is likely to be a three-way battle for the title in the future. The final in Berlin turns into a fiasco for the Lions and the title goes to Munich, who were clearly the better team on the day.

The Rhineland Lions are the measure of all things in the AFLG. They win test matches against the best teams in Europe from Denmark and England. Due to the large number of players, a second team is also formed, which qualifies for the Grand Final at the first attempt. Nobody in the league is able to stop the Rheinland Lions. The 1st team celebrates another championship. Hat-trick.

The strength of the Lions continues. More and more young German players join the club. The number of members is now 45 and after a dominate season, the 2nd championship is celebrated unbeaten.

The Rheinland Lions dominate the league. The Grand Final is held in Cologne, which is won against the arch-rivals from Munich. The first championship is brought to the Rhine.

A new wind blows. The Düsseldorf Lions move to Cologne. Fresh young players revitalise the club. Name change to Rheinland Lions. The club qualifies for the Grand Final.

Many established players leave the club. There is a loss of quality and the Düsseldorf Lions finish in last place. Wooden Spooner.

First appearance in the AFLG as "Düsseldorf Lions" in June. The season ends surprisingly in second place.

No regular match operations. Helping out at other teams' away games. For the first time, "Düsseldorf Lions" is discussed as a team name. 2nd Rhine Cup.

Founding of an Australian football club based in Düsseldorf. Bringing together rugby players, Gaelic and Australian footballers. Team name: "Düsseldorf Demons". 1st Rhine Cup.


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