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Lions top off the season in Amsterdam.

Last weekend a dedicated Lions team traveled to Amsterdam to have a friendly Tournament against the Amsterdam Devils as well as the Odense Lions and furthermore finish off the season with another great night out in Amsterdam. Having another 9 a side hit out at the beautiful footy grounds of Amsterdam brought up some good memories from earlier this year. So all seven Lions were keen represent their club in another international competition.

Arriving in Amsterdam we met a beautiful oval as well blue skies and sunshine. All in all – perfect day for footy.

Since we were a bit short on numbers we arranged with the other two teams that they would fill up our squad so we could have two 9 a side games per team. First game saw the Lions from Odense, Denmark facing their name twins straight outta Rheinland. As it turned out Lions don’t give Lions an inch and it was a hard fought close game we the Rheinland Lions could decide in their favor after two halves of fast paced footy.

In the second game of the day for the Lions we faced the Amsterdam Devils and as expected they were looking forward to give us some “hell” after their bitter defeat in the Champions League semifinal in March. The Lions played good footy and fought for every ball but without their old stager, Marcel who had to suffer a quote: “ridiculous injury” they ran out of legs and had to leave the glory to the host of the day.

After the siren went, hands were shaken, beers were opened, sausages consumed and joy and laughter dominated the rest of the evening.

With one win and one loss in the books it was all in all a great way to finish off the 2015 season. From now on Lions turn to winter mode. Meaning no training during the week and only Sundays 1 pm under the tower.

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