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Lions grow wings

The past weekend national teams from all over Europe met in Umag/Croatia to hold the annual Axios Euro Cup. Say, the European Footy Championships. Once again Germany was able to field a team and so 15 proud German Eagles as well as coach Mark Woods and team manager Sam Clark made their way down to the Istrian coast. Part of the squad where two Cologne locals and notorious Lions, Julian “Jules” Wichmann and Johannes “Orli” Orlowski. Both have had a solid season and barely missed out on a game. Therefore, national coach Mark Woods was convinced that they would be a valuable asset to the Eagles. As in the Lions squad Jules and Orli found their position on the pitch right in the center.

The EU Cup is a one-day tournament where all games are played in 9 a-side format with 25 minute games. After a group stage there is a semi-final and final. Hence, 4 games need to be played on the day to win the title.

After the four games of which Germany won three (Norway 55-4; Scotland 51-15; France 24-21) and lost one (Ireland; 20-35​) the Eagles came in 5th overall and took the so called Bowl Championship. A result everyone was very happy with. The Lions had a fantastic day out in Umag and contributed a total of 7 goals (Jules 5; Orli 2).

After a long season this was the final appearance for 2015. See you all back in 2016 with fresh legs and heads over the ball!

Watch the full game against France here.

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