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First game day 2017

On Saturday, the Rheinland lions hosted the first game day of the season 2017 at their home ground in Bocklemünd welcoming the Berlin Crocodiles and the Frankfurt Redbacks. The day was a true spectacle as the crowd could enjoy three hard-fought 9-a-sides with 20 minutes halves in beautiful sunshine, with cold beers and hot bratwurst. First off was Rheinland lions vs. Frankfurt redbacks. The two teams went full throttle from the start and took turns in kicking goals. In the end it was a very strong Rheinland backline that secured a victory of 52 to 34. Especially, Henrik, best lion of the day, made sure that German national team player Tizza was kept in check. A solid rucking performance by Orles and the always reliable Marci secured the midfield. Marci, unbeknownst, had his 59th and 60th gamefor the Lions that day and now officialy is the player with the most games played for the Lions - what a legend. Joshy, with wife and kid on the sideline to cheer him on, showed us how its done and kicked most goals that day. Our young guns Jan and Jonas played fiercely and proved again that they become more experienced with each game. After the final whistle, the Lions had time to get a rest as the Frankfurt Redbacks had to take on the Berlin Crocodiles in the second match of the day. The Crocs brought a very strong team from Berlin and to be frank smashed the redbacks in the first half who couldn't score a point. But in true footy fashion the Redbacks didn't drop their heads one second and were able to steal a couple of points from the Crocs in the second half of the game for a final score of 8 to 158. Knowing that we were in for a bumpy ride against the Crocs in the third and last game of the day, we summoned all the grit and toughness we could muster to make every goal by the Crocs as hard-earned as possible. Though we took a big loss with a final score of 4 by 114, it was a great lesson playing against such an experienced bunch of footy players.

As tradition commands, the day ended with all teams coming together in a brewery with plenty of Kölsch having a blast.

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