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Tournament 6 Report Frankfurt

April, 30th a cloudy day in Frankfurt. Rheinland Lions powered by Früh Sport had to compete against the Frankfurt Redbacks, Stuttgart Emus and the Berlin Crocodiles in Frankfurt Ostpark.

The first game starting the tournament saw the us play against the Redbacks. Rheinland started the game very aggressive and only a lack of accuracy made the first half end with a lead fort he Redbacks (3.0 18 to 2.4.16). But the Lions kept rolling in the second half. Some restructuring made it possible to prevent Frankfurt from any further goal while the Lions kicked another 2.6 in the second half. With a lot of passion the Lions won their first game of the day with 4.10 (34) to 3.2 (20).

Afterwards Rheinland had to wait for two games to play Stuttgart. The problems for the Lions stayed the same. Although they had a strong midfield and backline the goals were missed to often. After 5 minutes the scoreboard said 0.5. This was the moment Stuttgart got into the game and showed that they had a lot of young and fast guys in their rows. The first half ended with a free kick for the Emus which they even were able to score. In the second half the Lions once more wanted to turn tables around an ran their guts of. They were even leading when the siren went off. But the Stuttgart Emus had a free kick in last second snapped the goal and the win for that day. The endscore was Rheinland 5.9 (39) def by Emus 6.6 (42).

The last game of the gameday was against Berlin. They already showed 3 weeks ago in Hamburg what they are capable of doing and also already won 2 games at this gameday. The Lions nonetheless started of strong with a lot more accuracy this time around. On the other side Berlin put a strong Rowan in the Forward position. Every Lions goal was answered by a fast Berlin goal so the first half ended with a lead for Berlin of 9 points. Lions never give up so they tried their best to win the last game of the day. But in the end Berlin was the strongest team of the day. Rheinland 6.2 (38) def by Berlin 8.3 (51).


Vik, Waldi, Steffen, Hendrik, Henrik, Tobi M., Micky E., Orli, Marcie, Marshy, Moritz, Jules, Benni and Richi M.


Janika, Sonja, Jan

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