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Lions face Odense in friendly match

On a beautiful Saturday, the Rheinland Lions faced Odense Lions from Denmark in a friendly match under the Tower of Power (Colonius Tower) right at the heart of Cologne.

The club friendship between Rheinland and Odense started last year when the Odense Lions invited us to Denmark for a test match. This year, we were eager to return the favor and welcome our Danish friends in Cologne.

The warm weather drew many spectators that could enjoy the sun in the park while watching a fierce 12-a-side footy match. Although our friends from Odense came for a friendly match, both sides pulled no punches and gave it their all over the fair but hard-fought four quarters.

Rheinland, still in hibernation, lost the first quarter to a more awake Odense. But once teased, the Rheinland Lions picked up and ferociously won the second and third quarter. Losing two good men on the way, the game started to take its toll. In the final quarter, Odense once more showed the results of their strict winter training – great stamina that secured their win of 62 (Rheinland) to 77 (Odense).

Although our efforts were not rewarded with a win that day, it was a great experience and a valuable part of our pre-season preparation.

Afte the final whistle was blown, the two teams joined for some beers and Bratwurst in the park before heading to the Brauhaus and letting the night take its course.

Thanks again to Odense for making the effort and coming down to Cologne – see you next year!

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